Teeth Whitening

We are proud to introduce you to our exclusive Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Treatment. Now you can get the results you get at dentist for a fraction of the cost.

With our teeth bleaching treatment, a carbamide peroxide gel is placed into a tray and then into your mouth. A strong but safe Blue LED light is then placed in front of your teeth, bleaching them in only twenty minutes. This is completely painless even if you have sensitive teeth. You will see an instant improvement, anywhere from 2-8 shades whiter in only 20 minutes!

Single Session $149 - This is a great introduction to teeth whitening. It is ideal for someone who is unsure about teeth whitening or who has unusually sensitive teeth. After this 20 minute session, if you feel comfortable, you can still upgrade to a Double Session for only $50 more (schedule permitting). 

Double Session $199 - This is our most popular teeth whitening treatment. With our double session, your teeth will get an additional 2-8 shades whiter than the Single Session. 

Teeth Whitening Ultimate Treatment $299 - The whitest your teeth can get in a single day. This treatment is approximately one hour. If you have a big event coming up like a wedding and you don't have time for the Multiple Session Treatment, this is the way to go. 

Teeth Whitening Multiple Session $500 - This is the ideal treatment for people with dark, stained teeth. Heavy smokers, coffee drinkers, etc. It is also great for people who want to get their teeth as white as they possibly can. It is a two session process. Each treatment is approximately one hour and you have both treatments about a week apart. This treatment is regularly $600 but when you pay for both sessions on your first appointment, we take $100 off of the price. (Note: If booking this treatment online, just schedule an "Ultimate Whitening" and ignore the pricing.) 

Teeth Whitening FAQ

Matt Garry WT is available by appointment. Please call him at (253) 250-2760 or email questions to matt@sanddollarspa.com

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