Adobe animate cc certification quizlet free. LVA – West Coast

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Adobe animate cc certification quizlet free. LVA – West Coast

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Finally, we will finish by learning frame-based techniques to produce a project that resembles an animated game. Being able to use a high-powered animation software like Adobe Flash is a skill that can be applied in many different workplace settings.

We will begin by completing a few basic tutorials as you learn the basics of the software. Then we will create a descriptive animation demonstrating a complicated process. Finally, we will use frame-based techniques to create an animation that will closely resemble a 2-D video game.

Animations can take many different forms. During this unit, we will learn the characteristics of several types of animations, and what each is commonly used for.

We will also learn the correct process for producing professional animations and information about file types. All of this information will help you create industry-standard animations. The techniques and knowledge to create interesting, effective animations can be used in a very wide variety of workplace settings. You could make attention-grabbing advertisements, interactive games, or impressive flash websites. We will be learning basic 2-D animation techniques, leading up to the possibility of exploring 3-D animation in the more advanced levels of Digital Media.

Making objects and text move in order to catch the eye is a skill that not everyone has, so it can be highly marketable and profitable when properly applied in the real-world. The software we will be using in Digital Media to create animations is Adobe Flash.

It is an industry-standard program that is highly capable and versatile. Flash uses a timeline-based interface that can incorporate both frame-based and vector animation techniques. It can also utilize ActionScript coding to create interactive features like buttons and controls.

It is rather expensive, especially for the amateur animator, but it is considered the best in the industry. The first project we will complete with Adobe Flash will help you learn the basics of creating objects on the stage and making them move from place to place. It utilizes computer generated formulas between keyframes to define the path and speed of movement. This is known as vector animation. Animating text is a great way to attract attention and direct the eye to an advertisement.

Luckily, there are several tools and features of Adobe Flash that make this process rather easy and quick. In this project, you will be animating your name to make it fly around the stage and assemble itself into order.

You have been provided with a PDF tutorial with screenshots and descriptions to guide you through the creation of this project. Teaching yourself is an important skill to have, as you will not always have a teacher to walk you through the creation of your digital media projects.

Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy. User Guide Cancel. To create an AIR for Android file, do one of the following:. Preview or publish an AIR for Android application. To publish an AIR for Android file, do one of the following:. Click the Publish button in the Publish Settings dialog box.

Creating AIR for Android applications. Create the Adobe AIR application file. When you click the Publish button, the following files are packaged:. General settings. Output file. App Name. App ID. Specifies a version number for your application. Defaults to 1. A string to describe the version. Full Screen. Sets the application to run in full screen mode. Render mode. The options include: Auto – automatically detect and use the fastest rendering method available on the host device.

Direct – Render using Stage3D. This is the fastest available rendering method. Deployment settings. The password for the selected digital certificate. Specifies which type of package to create.

The Device Release setting allows you to create packages for the marketplace or any other distribution medium such as a website. After hole punching the corner and threading onto a ring, these little coloring-pages-turned-flashcards have become a simple method of reviewing Latin vocabulary in the early years.

If you have some ideas, resources, or links to offer, I would be delighted if you would leave a comment!!

OR if you have used one of these programs and want to rant or rave about how great or not-so-great it is, please feel free to do so in the comments section below!

Also please notify me of cantankerous links, and I will fix them for you! To hide the white borders around pixels that are viewed at a high magnification, which option do you disable? To save a panel layout arrangement, what should you create?

Which filter should you use to create photorealistic blurs? When using the Type tool, what do you call the space between lines? If you want the most control over color when inkjet printing, which option should you select? Why is this happening? Which web-ready format supports transparency and is optimized for continuous tone images such as photos? You’re trying to use the Healing Brush tool, but don’t see results. What is the problem? Which color space is best for web graphics? Which option do you use with the Dodge and Burn tools to prevent unwanted color changes like those shown in the image?

Which command in the Smart Objects submenu would you see to save the original file for the selected layer? In the image shown, which Blur method is being used to control focus with a series of pins? In the image shown, what do the blue areas represent?

What does the grayscale image in this figure show? Where do you click to adjust the blending mode for a Smart Filter? Where do you find natural media brushes? The option bar, which is normally above the canvas, is not visible. Where would you go to reopen it? What would you use to create a vector path for the purpose of altering a letter or shape?

How do you browse images on your hard drive using the companion application that is included with the Adobe Creative Cloud plans? Which command allows you to combine multiple channels into a new selection channel? How do you nondestructively crop an image without permanently discarding pixels?

Which step is the most effective at making one image show through another to emulate a traditional double-exposure from film photography effect? Which special layer type applies nondestructive color corrections to all of the layers below it?



Frye, Anderson (Adobe Academy) / Flash Animation Classwork Projects – “P/BV Ratio” คืออะไร ?


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