Sip and Soak

Begin your service with a relaxing foot soak and a glass of wine or Sparkling cider.

15 Minutes:


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Enhance your service with Cannabis Basics Love Yourself oil. If pain relief is your goal, then this oil is the perfect addition to your session. This oil can reduce pain, inflammation and muscle spasm. This oil also aids in ultimate relaxation helping your brain to shut off and make your experience truly relaxing. This oil has less than .03% THC in it.

Nourishing Foot Treatment:

Your feet will be scrubbed with a peppermint sugar scrub, made with all natural ingredients. Then they will be massaged with our extra moisturizing foot cream and wrapped in a cozy sock so that your skin may receive the full benefits of the moisture. Warm towels will be used after to remove any excess lotion to leave your feet feeling brand new!

Dry Brushing:

A relaxing way to exfoliate dry skin, also increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow/drainage. You will feel softer and more relaxed when you get off the massage table

Salt Stone Scrub:

Customize your service with this wonderful add on. I use warm salt stones to exfoliate your skin. You will leave with softer skin and benefit from the 84 minerals in the Himalayan Salt Stone.

Back Only:


Legs & Feet:


Full Body:


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Sound Bath:

What is a Sound Bath?
A sound bath can be effective in achieving a deep state of relaxation. It has been known to help treat conditions such as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression and sleep disorders. Our sound bath uses musical instruments to improve your physical and emotional health. The reverberating sounds and vibrations lull you into a peaceful and mindful state of being. You will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and grounded.

Who should try a Sound Bath?
Everyone! A sound bath can be perfect for those who don’t have time for a massage but would like some of the same benefits massage can provide. Such as lower blood pressure, feeling less stressed, rested, better mental health and clarity. We do realize that massage is not for everyone, and those who do not like touch can receive the care and mental relief through a sound bath rather than through touch.