Music and Massage

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Music and Massage

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

I am always listening to music. Music inspires me, relaxes me, brings me joy and happiness. I have discovered that while I work, I like to change the albums I listen to frequently. Back when Sand Dollar was on 27th, we had music piped in from a very old iPod I inherited from my mom. It had around seven hours of songs. I got to the point that I memorized the order of instrumentals. If I herd one of the songs in a store, in a class, even in a commercial, I could almost hear the notes of the next song on my playlist. At one point I asked Matt to add some more music, better yet, replace the entire playlist! He did, but didn’t have a chance to listen to all of the songs to see if they were what we wanted. I was in session with a client when a very aggressive almost Irish “Lord of the Dance” song came on. We laughed, and I excused myself to go skip that song. Unfortunately it took me way too long to figure out how to delete it!

I actually choose the music I work to very carefully. I choose it with my clients in mind. I try to find music you probably don’t know. Sounds that soothe the soul. I prefer you don’t know the song, so that your brain can just shut off and let go. I had a lot of clients coming in and sharing with me that they were having feelings of anxiety. I found a playlist that was specific to helping to ease anxiety. Some of the music I have enjoyed working to lately have been Reiki inspired. Just look up Reiki playlists if you are interested in hearing what I am talking about. I love the sounds that Crystal bowls make and some of the songs on my playlist are the bowls. If you have been in recently, you will note that I do a mini sound bath at the end of every session (time permitting). I play some of the same instruments you will hear in my playlist. I have received feedback from some of you telling me how much you love my ending our session with some sound. I feel like it just rounds out the session. If you aren’t sure what a Sound Bath is, keep on the lookout for another blog coming soon on Sound Baths!

I have noticed recently that since I have changed up my playlists, more and more of my guests are falling asleep during their session. I love this so much! I love that you are so relaxed that you get to take a nap and let me work your muscles.

While I definitely have my preferences, I am always open to ideas! If you have a playlist you love that you would like me to play during your session, please feel free to request it! After all, the time we spend together is just for you. I aim to make your experience as perfect as possible. I want you to have a well-rounded experience with me. All aspects are important, smells (the essential oils I provide), temperature, pressure of the massage and sounds.

Tell me about your favorite music. What do you like to listen to while relaxing?