Best Massage Ever!

I am not one to write reviews, so this says something! Karen gave me the best massage I have ever had in my life. This was my first massage in Tacoma and I couldn’t have picked a more perfect place! I highly recommend everyone tries Karen at Sand Dollar!

Leslie N.

Worth the trip

I traveled all the way from Seattle for a massage at Sand Dollar Spa. Karen was great at working out the knots in my back and neck. I feel much better, even several days later. The spa staff work hard to create a relaxing atmosphere; very comfortable and soothing. Worth the trip.

Danielle P.

Wonderful massage

I have done massages from several locations including big chain hotels and Karen ranks as one of the best not only would I recommend her I will definitely be coming back. She has the best sense of how much pressure to use. Wonderful experience.

Nancy H.

Fabulous Find!

Having just moved to the area, I thought I would give Sand Dollar a try. What a GREAT find. I had a 90 minute Swedish and it was excellent. I’ve been to five star resorts all across the country and Karen’s massage ranks right up there with all the best massages I have ever had.

Roni S.

One of the very best!

I highly recommend Sand Dollar Spa. I have had many massages over the years but this has been one of my very favorite. Karen is extremely professional. She gives you a massage that you will leave refreshed, relaxed, and wanting to come back for more. Thank you Karen. See you soon!

Gayle M.

Massage and mini facial

I had a great time there. Karen was pleasant and gentle. I didn’t remember much of it since I was half asleep 😉

Socheata L.

Hot stones and capable hands

I booked an hour and half hot stone massage and it was incredibly relaxing. Karen, my therapist for the duration, has a very capable, empathic touch. I have had many treatments before both on the east coast and abroad and this one has to be one of the most treasured. All is not lost here in WA. Thank you Sand Dollar Spa from the CPT who hails from NJ.

Evan B.

Very Enjoyable

I had a 90-minute Swedish massage and was very pleased. Karen was very friendly and inviting – I felt very comfortable with her which can be difficult when you consider the intimate nature of a full-body massage. Overall, I would recommend Sand Dollar Spa to others.

Jamie P.

Wonderful Experience!

After a very stressful week, I indulged and treated myself to a massage with Karen this past Saturday. It was absolutely heavenly! I came away so totally relaxed and rejuvenated! I highly recommend Karen and the Sand Dollar Spa for a treat to yourself or loved ones! Thank you Karen!

Donna F.

Would definitely go back

Booking online wasn’t difficult. I had an hour Swedish massage and mini facial, it was wonderful! Using a gift certificate was no problem at all. Karen was great!

Emily C.

Great massage

I have had a massage from several locations and Sand Dollar is the best one. It was very comfortable and soothing, relieving my back pain. Thanks Karen for the hard work.

Amy A.

Just wonderful!

Karen did a deep tissue massage on me. Just the right amount of pressure and one of the absolutely BEST massages I have ever had. She asked if I had specific issues and focused on exactly what I needed. Going back in a week & and half for more!


Relaxed & Content

Had a great experience with Karen; very easy to make appointment online and it wasn’t hard to find! Very pleasant experience.

Angela M.


Bought this massage and it was a total winner!! Karen was fantastic, great massage, I will certainly go again

Carol L.

New Customer for life

First time at Sand Dollar Spa & Massage yesterday. Awesome massage by Karen!

Prudy N.


I went to see Karen 8 weeks after having a knee replacement. The surgery just threw my whole body off and I hurt everywhere. I was not sure I would be able to lie on my stomach very long due to the incision. It turned out that the massage table was so comfortable that I could stay on my stomach. Karen also paid special attention to the muscles around my knee, which were very tight. I was so pleased with my massage. I left there walking on air! Will definitely go back!!

Carla K.

The best, as usual

When I just can’t take the pain anymore, I treat myself to Karen’s healing deep tissue massage. She remembers my pains exactly every time, even if it has been a while since seeing my tired old body. I am so thankful she is here.

Jeffrey M.


This is the second time I have done a hot stone with Karen. She is amazing. I have never had a massage therapist as attentive as her. I will not go anywhere else and the prices cannot be beat.

Tina R.

Great massage

I will totally go back, the massage was GREAT and Karen is super nice!

Nony A.


From the moment I arrived I felt at home! Karen was so nice and asked all the right questions before getting started! Her table was the most comfortable table I’ve ever been on and the aroma of her room was so peaceful! Her massage was the best I’ve had and I will definitely be going back!

Nikolette F.


Karen does a very good massage and makes you feel comfortable in a new place. She applies the right pressure and will change if you need her to. Very relaxing and help for those tired muscles we tend to over use!

Karen O.

One of the best massages of my life.

Karen did an excellent job. I will def go back.

Kayla J.

Incredibly Relaxing

I saw Karen yesterday for a foot soak and 90 minute massage. It was lovely. She really likes to do whole body so everything feels relaxed and it worked everything felt great. Also she did not chat so I enjoyed a meditative state which was so close to falling asleep. I may try the hot stone next, as she suggested so she can work even deeper on those tough knots. Thank you for a great experience.

Adrianne B.

This place is a gem!

I got a swedish massage with Karen and it was AWESOME! I was so relaxed that I fell asleep! My body felt so wonderful! I will definitely be back and highly recommend to others to come here!

Kimle R.

Renewing Massage

Don’t let the inconspicuous exterior of this business fool you…I’ve been trying different spas in Tacoma and this is by far the best massage I’ve received! I immediately booked a second appointment with Karen and told my friends to do the same.

Katie H.


Karen made my swedish massage and mini facial experience sooo relaxing! Before starting, she’ll ask what areas of the body you’d like her to spend some extra time on. My back and shoulders felt great after Karen worked on them.

Phuong Lien N.


I am picky about my massages, especially since I have done it myself for many years. Karen’s hot stone massage is wonderful, and I am looking forward to my next appointment.

Jacqueline B.


I came all the way from Kirkland. Starting with the cozy barrel chairs in the entry, the bamboo all around….once you walk through the door your mind shifts into relaxation mode. The massage table was one of the most comfortable I have experienced, and Karen’s service absolutely supreme. I could have stayed there all day!

Lisa C.


Karen has helped me so much over the years I have been going to her, it has become part of my healthcare! Always a huge thank you to Karen for such a great message everytime!!

Karen V.

Best present ever!

Relaxing, refreshing. Karen is professional, sensitive to not apply too much pressure. Massage is therapeutic to the entire circulation. She worked out knots that I didn’t realize I had. Wonderful experience I will be back and look forward to what my husband says.

Julie M.

Great Facial

I had my first facial with Karen and it was great. I was very relaxed and my skin felt very soft after. I was able to sleep great that night. Will be back for another.

Lynne B.

Great place!

I have gone to see Karen for awhile now and every time I get a deep tissue or relaxation massage. She does such a wonderful job!. Makes sure you are comfortable, and works out everything she can in the time I have purchased. Last time she worked more on my legs as my lower back has been sore from running and she noticed that my leg muscles were very tight so she worked on my legs more and said that my back pain might be caused from the leg muscles being so tight. Since my last massage, my back has not been hurting like it did and I feel great! I will be back again very soon! Thanks Karen!

Stephen M.

Deep Tissue – yes.

Karen knows what she is doing. She is the best I know.

Jeff M.


I had a really great experience, Karen was wonderful and the atmosphere was very relaxing. Definitely will go back again and recommend it for others 🙂

Tabitha B.

Pinpoint Accuracy

I’ve been doing CrossFit now for a few years, tried foam rollers, lacrosse balls, lots of mobility, icing and stretching but never massage. Started going to Karen a few months ago and have noticed a tremendous improvement not only in my performance but in knowledge of how my muscular system works. About a week ago I had done some heavy lifting during CrossFit and it lead to having some extreme tightness in my lower back and glutes, it was so bad I could barely bend over and stand up straight! This was gut wrenching for me, I missed 3 days of training before I went to see Karen. She focused on these key areas, found the exact issues and went after them, to say the least, I felt amazing a few hrs later, slept that night and woke today feeling almost back to normal! Couldn’t believe it! Karen not only focuses on key areas but explains and reviews what she did, what she found as far as muscle issues and gives me an educated response to taking care of day to day muscle tendencies such as cramps, aches, tightness, avoiding things like tendinitis, and time periods for icing. Karen is very professional and very good at what she does. I truly appreciate her feedback and Sand Dollar is great relaxed atmosphere with a knowledgeable staff to back it’s great reputation. Definitely recommend them.

Dana H.

Deep Tissue

Karen is a wonderful massage therapist..I always receive great service an always leave feeling 110% better than when I walked in..I highly recommend their spa to anyone. .Massages are an important part of staying healthy, relaxation, stress relief, and most importantly releasing built up toxins… Thank You Karen:)

Charlotte C.

She Knows What She’s Doing

Judy H. says: I try out different places. This time it was a gift certificate that led me to Karen. Best decision ever! Her work is exceptional and I will definitely go back.

Judy H.

Thank you!!

I have had a few massages in my time. This is the third time I have been to the Sand Dollar Spa. I have seen Karen each time. I have chronic back pain and it has been acting up recently. Yesterday was particularly bad. I called her and she was able to fit me in. After an hour long message, it was still feeling unwell, but she told me that it might take a few hours for my body to begin to feel better. She was right!!! Later that night I was feeling much better, I could move with every little pain. Today I feel great. Thanks Karen, you saved my back!

Rae Ann H.

I will definitely return

I was given a gift certificate for a massage with Karen and was pleased to be able to book online and get an appointment quickly. I have had many massages in the past but Karen’s ranks as one of the best ever. The table was cushioned and soothing. Her touch was perfect and I came out feeling much better with all my aches and pains. Karen understood that I don’t like to talk during my massages and honored that completely. Overall, a wonderful experience all around.

Beth S.


Karen gave a great relaxing massage, I will definitely visit again!

Sue E.

Fabulous and refreshing!

I feel like new! Thanks Karen! Great massage.

Phennus L.

Loved it!!!!!

This was the most amazing experience. Karen was amazing, she was able to hit the right spots and I was so relaxed that I think I fell asleep. Everyone is so nice and I love the atmosphere. I will be going to Karen again.

Rae Ann H.

Perfect Valentines gift!

My husband purchased a gift certificate for valentines and it was amazing! Karen gave an excellent massage and facial. I highly recommend her and will be back!

Patty S.


It was so relaxing that I fell asleep a couple of times but that just means it was awesome. My wife has used Karen and her services and this is my second time and I must say I look forward to getting more. Thank You.

Richard N.

Prenatal massage…aaaaaahhhhhhh

Karen kindly gave me a prenatal massage and facial….and it was so worth it. I was very comfortable throughout the entire appointment, felt respected and acknowledged, and look forward to coming again. Thank you!

Katja R.

Goal: Relaxation

I absolutely loved my massage! Professional service, Karen focused where I requested, and she read my cues that I just wanted to close my eyes and have some down time. I had a great experience here!! I will be coming back. I purchased the 60 minute swedish massage with mini facial. My complexion was glowing this morning, the day after my massage! If you haven’t been yet, give it a try!

Jaimie F.

Fabulous Massage

I enjoyed the massage I received. I liked that it was easy to schedule a appointment in my time frame. Karen was fabulous! I have cancer so I was looking for a soothing massage to help my blood flow better and that’s what I got! I liked that I didn’t have to wait in a chair or in the room but a few minutes and my massage was on the way! I enjoyed the light conversation and hospitality that was shared. I will definitely return.

Phennus L.

Pregnancy Massage

It was amazing! I recommend anyone who is pregnant to go! i cant wait to have my baby so I can go have the hot stone massage done! Thank you Karen!!!!

April N.

Great massage

I totally enjoyed the massage and mini facial that Karen gave me. I would definitely go back.

Sandy S.

Good Experience

It was my first time getting a deep tissue massage and the massage was great. Overall a very good experience and I would go back.

Ada Y.

Worth every penny!

I took my husband here for the couples volcanic stone massage. The massage was over the top amazing!! We were both really impressed! By far the best massage I have had! I don’t think I could do a regular massage now. The spa is simply amazing on the inside. My husband really messed up his back at BMT and the lady who helped him helped him to finally start unwinding. He will be going back for a deep tissue massage soon! I plan on making this our yearly anniversary outing!

Mindy A.


Great relaxing massage and mini facial. Just the right pressure and I didn’t have to tell her to go easy on spots with tension. Definitely will be going back.

Karen B.


My skin has never felt and looked so soft after the facial. I can’t wait to do it again!

Jeanette P.


This place is cozy and has a nice clean and professional feeling. The staff was very friendly and I truly enjoyed my experience. I had a Swedish massage and mini facial. I felt amazing afterwards and my skin was glowing. I will definitely be coming back.

Laura Q.

The best!

My favorite place for a massage!

Carolyn G.

Very professional and very close.

I live just down the hill from Sand Dollar. I got one of the best massages I’ve had in some time. The atmosphere was professional and inviting leaving me wanting to return. I also liked being able to book online, a real time saver.

Bret E.

Loved the stars 😉

I enjoyed my experience at Sand Dollar spa! The establishment has a very cool set up. Appears to have many options also. Good conversation & a great service!

Alicia D.

Best Mothers Day Gift Ever

My daughter had a massage here last year and loved it. For Mothers Day she gave me the 60 min. hot stone massage IT WAS GREAT. I will be back!

Vikki N.


We went in for a couples massage and wished we had requested more time like a 90 min instead of a 60. The room was perfect and the ambiance was amazing, this was the first time that we did a couples, we usually go separate but know we are going to make this an annual event. A big shout out and thank you to the team of masseuses what great hands.

Richard N.

Relaxing Massage

I had a Swedish massage and mini-facial, it was great!

Denise D.

So glad I opted for a 90 minute massage- pure bliss!

I absolutely love this place. I can compare this massage to countless others around the University Place / Tacoma area. It is topnotch- a surprising gem!

Jeanne H.

Good massage

I have had many massages over the years and this was a good massage with the right amount of pressure and I really appreciated the head/face massage since I hold tension in my jaw and tend to clench my teeth at night. The combination of facial and massage was just right.

Shawn B.

Massage and Facial

I had the best massage and facial.

Sue H.

Nice touch

My husband and I just had a couples massage with Matt and Karen. They were very pleasant and accommodating. I had the best deep tissue with Matt and my husband had his best Swedish with Karen. The place is quiet and quaint, well worth it. We will be back. Thank you.

Sue H.

Feel like family

I always feel like I’m family and the most special person in the world!

Jill A.

Will go back again

Great atmosphere, relaxing treatment and prices are good. Can’t wait to schedule my next visit!

Brandi H.

Great experience

This was mine and my daughters first time going to a spa. It was amazing, I will be going back real soon. The staff was great and made me and my daughter feel very relaxed.

Mary G.


Amazing like usual. This is the only place I will go.

Tina R.


This was my first time to the spa and I must say that I truly enjoyed it and it was worth every penny spent! I would recommend this location to anyone and will definitely be going back for more!

Stacy S.

Fabulous Massage

I am coming back for sure. Great job!!!

Kim P.


It was the most wonderful massage ever, one that I will remember for a long time. This was a gift from my husband and I am hooked on it now. Thank You.

Alina N.


First time having a soothing massage compared to a deep tissue…and it was WONDERFUL! I will definitely be giving recommendations and coming back 🙂

Tricia R.

I’ll be back

A pleasant experience, worked out well.

Keegan T.

Great Massage, Great Customer Service!

I booked a 60 minute massage and mini facial for myself and a good friend for her bachelorette. I had a gift certificate and had never been to Sand Dollar, so I was a little nervous about the whole thing. However, I need not have worried a bit! First of all, I called the spa day of and left a message asking for them to help us with the surprise for my friend. (we wanted her to think all 5 of us were staying there, when really 3 of us were leaving to set up a scavenger hunt for her). Matt called me back and left a message within the hour, stating he understood my request and that it would be no problem. Sure enough, when we got there he helped us play it off! Even made it seem that all 5 of us needed to fill in “check in” forms. It was great and she totally bought it! Then, my massage with Matt was great. Just the right pressure without me even saying anything, and he was very professional and talented. When I came out of my massage and met my friend who was done with hers, Matt and Karen chatted with us for a few minutes, asked about her wedding, and even helped us start her scavenger hunt by giving the bachelorette her first clue. They were so great – and so very nice! I asked my friend how her massage with Karen was and she pretty much raved about it the rest of the day. My friend had also had her hair and makeup done before her massage/facial (which I wasn’t aware of until she had already done it!), so she told me that without her even saying anything about it, Karen asked her about it and adjusted the massage/facial so that it wouldn’t mess anything up. I am so grateful for Matt and Karen for being a great part of my friend’s bachelorette weekend! I will definitely be back!

Michele G.

90 minutes flew by!

I bought a 90 minute Swedish massage for my friend Katie. She LOVED it! She said the 90 minutes flew by and she wanted to stay on the table all day. We will be booking again for sure.

Kara R.

Always great service

I have had different services at Sand Dollar and every service every time has always been superior!!!! Thank you Matt and Karen you two are awesome.

Charlotte C.

Great massage

Clean and very professional. Very relaxing.

John D.


Great massage. Definitely coming back. Thanks.

Aaron M.

A new person!!!!!

I feel like a new person! The deep tissue massage I received made me feel ten years younger! The best massage I have ever received !!!!! Thank You !

Gloria F.

New Customer

Tried a new to me massage person & will be back. Was pleasantly surprised at finding someone who gives great massages & a mini facial close by. Will be telling my friends to try as well. Thank you again.

Karen T.